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Secondhand Precious Metals Dealer

Entrust Your Treasured Items to the Experts!

A licensed secondhand precious metals dealer, Alpha Gold Exchange Inc in Baltimore, MD, is your partner in getting quick cash. Since 1980, we have been the go-to pawnshop of countless clients in the area. Our in-depth knowledge and experience allow us to expertly evaluate your items and give you the fairest and most accurate price. We also have an A+ BBB rating to ensure you that we are reliable and professional in what we do. Visit our pawnbrokers today and be one of our many satisfied clients!

Our Knowledgeable and Experienced Pawnshop Staff

  • Joe and Sheila A. – Owners

  • John – General Manager

  • Mary Jane – eBay Sales Coordinator

  • Mike – Sales Associate

The History of Our Pawnshop

Owners Joe and Sheila A. started the business in Towson, MD more than 30 years ago. Throughout the years, our shop has grown to be one of the largest pawnshops in the area. Our secret is our commitment to these three simple things:

Making Your Experience Great

Getting more money for your gold is only part of the equation. When you come to us, you're coming to a family business who sees you as a person and values your every visit.

We're Always Ready to Help

A member of our family is always on site to assist you with your questions or to listen to your comments, ensuring you receive the personalized attention you deserve.

We Don't Want to Just Buy Your Gold and Never See You Again

You have a choice of where to go when buying or selling jewelry. At our shop, we strive to provide you the very best service from the moment you first arrive until long after you leave. Whether you are selling gold you no longer need or are stopping by to find the perfect item for yourself or your loved ones, you can count on us.

Pawn Shop Cashier Area

Learn More About Our Pawnshop

If you have gold or silver jewelry that you are not using, sell them to us! Instead of letting them gather dust in your home, you can use your jewelry and other items to gain extra money. Drop by our store today and find out why we are the trusted secondhand precious metals dealer of many. To learn more about our pawning or jewelry repair services, give us a call.

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